Where should I live?

It turns out that this isn't an easy question to answer.

Do you stay in the city? (Statistically, that's where you most likely live right now.) But, you ask, can a city feed itself? (They can but only if we get busy.)

Or do you and 11 amigos find a nice patch of land with a well, fruit trees and a chicken coop? Maybe you raise chickens in the city?

Unless you are really wealthy or have relatives in Idaho or Alberta, most likely you are going to stay in the city and get ready there. That's where your job may be now and you may need the cash to get ready for Post Peak.

So let's back up and take a serious look at your options.

Country Living

There are two schools of thought on where to live.

If you live in the country and become as self-sufficient as possible, you will have access to food. If you learn some skill and manufacture something, you may be able to trade it and bring in whatever currency is available at the time.

However, you will have little access to hospitals and other services. If you have a member of your family who has special needs, living in the country may be extraordinarily difficult for them.

Security may become a significant concern. How many people will you need to protect and keep what you've got if people get desperate?

City Living

If you stay in the city, your food will be entirely dependent on what comes in the supermarket and the vegetables you can grow yourself or in a community or rooftop garden. Crime will increase.

But there are advantages to living in the city, including access to health services. They will be stretched thin, but they will more available than in the country. If anyone in your family depends on pharmaceuticals, they too will be more available in the city.

There also tend to be more opportunities for trade in a city.

For many people, their job is currently in the city and they will want the money from that job to prepare as long as the job is available.

Ultimately, once you make a choice, you will have to find a way to make it the right one.