The Guide to Post Peak Living


If you've read our explanation of what's happening or watched the video, you know that we are all going to be living the Post Peak Life. Since you are reading this, you're probably interested in knowing how to do that the best way possible.

Not only will we teach you how to reuse your greywater and grow your own food, we'll even recommend a good Chianti — but you'll have to make it at home.

You can read the Guide straight through, or you can jump directly to a chapter (see below).

Here is what we recommend you do to prepare:

  1. Take a deep breath — we've been where you are now! Believe us, the more you prepare, the more confident you will feel that you can handle peak oil.
  2. Stock up on food
  3. Prepare a disaster kit (FEMA will have even more trouble helping when oil is scarce)
  4. Decide where you are going to live
  5. Join or create a local post carbon group at
  6. Buy or barter for the products you'll want post-peak
  7. Learn to repair or make something tradable that will be valuable post-peak (sorry, that college degree may not be that handy any more)

Please use the information you find and prepare for a post peak world. We truly are all in this together.

— The Post Peak Living Team