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Prepared for the Peak for February 21, 2013


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Last week I got a full blood panel done and I used wellnessfx.com to do it. It's a pretty slick service. Once I purchased the Basic Package (there doesn't seem to be an Advanced Package), I got my blood drawn through one of their affiliates (LabCorp). The results were sent to Wellness FX and were posted in a very easy-to-read format. You can see the format via my results, which are here. Following the test, they gave me the opportunity to speak with one of their practitioners. I chose a dietician from Oregon whose description mentioned that he was knowledgeable about the Paleo diet. There are many practitioners to choose from, including doctors, but many of them aren't included in the basic $199 price.

There are just three items to be concerned about in my lab work: my slightly elevated trigylercides, my high ApoB and the high TSH (thyroid). Phil and I took the 20 minutes included to discuss all the results and what he said jived with my knowledge about the topic (i.e. he was right up-to-date). He was easy to talk to and I did get to confirm my suspicion that it's still unknown whether a high ApoB is a valid concern for folks who follow the Paleo Diet. I'm going to Paleo FX next month in Austin, so I'll ask more there. In any case, if I didn't know what I know, he would have done a bang-up job educating me. (I'm definitely not eating enough colorful vegetables, so they are going way up.)

One of his recommendations was to follow up on the TSH by getting a full thyroid assessment i.e. T3, T4, etc. My doctor concurred and has ordered the tests. Everything else was fine so thyroid is the only thing to really look at.

So far I can recommend their service. If that changes, I'll let you know. The idea is to use their service again in 3 to 6 months and I'll have a slick record of the lab results and the recommendations from the practitioner. BTW, I chose them because my Paleo friends here in the Bay Area knew that Wellness FX was very Paleo knowledgeable in general.

For people still on the fence about cholesterol and fat, do remember that I eat at least 50% of my calories in the form of fat. And most of it is saturated fatfrom animals! So cut down on the sugar (i.e. carbohydrates) and eat your (non-seed oil, non trans-fat) fats, they are good for you and your heart!

— André

More videos from the last Ancestral Health Symposium at Harvard have been posted. Below are some of the latest releases.

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