Become an Affiliate

It's going to take all of us.

Because time is of the essence, Post Peak Living offers an affiliate program to get the word out quickly about the programs we offer. Once you are accepted, we will provide graphics that you place on your website or in your newsletters that link to our site. When people use that link and sign up for one of our courses, your organization receives a share of the revenue for each course registration.


Why should you consider being an affiliate?

Our mission is to prepare people to be resilient in the face of peak oil, climate change and the end of this current economic system. If that's your mission too, we want to partner with you. More and more people are finding out about what we offer and the audience is global: as of December 2009, we've had people take our courses from eight countries (see the Courses page for the exact countries). At this time, all courses are conducted in English, but we will be adding other languages over time.

Here are some of the new programs now in development (December 2009; titles may change):

  • Setting up a Post Peak Office (how to maintain a working computer and Internet connection)
  • Facing Collapse with Freedom and Power (people face their fears of collapse head-on)
  • Tasty and Cheap Eating Using Staple Foods
  • Staying Healthy During the Long Descent
  • Hyper-insulating Your Home
  • and more

By becoming an affiliate of Post Peak Living, you support your community with innovative, high-quality courses and services while obtaining a share of the revenue to support your operations.

We share 20% of the course registration fees with you. Here are some typical course prices and the share affiliates receive:

  • The instructor-led version of The UnCrash Course is offered at $199 and $249. The affiliate share is $39 and $49.
  • A typical two or three hour course is offered at $29 and $39. The affiliate share is $5.80 and $7.80.

You can mention that you've partnered with Post Peak Living in your newsletter or blog, or you can simply place a button, badge or banner where people can see it and click to learn more.


Other things you should know

  • We send checks out on the first of the month when your share of the revenue reaches $49.
  • You receive an account with us where you can check how many people have registered through your link.
  • We believe the instructors need to be financially sustainable so that they can continue their wonderful work, so we pay the faculty (who are not employees of Post Peak Living) the highest percentage we've heard of in the training industry, and we pay instructors for every participant (i.e. no caps). In most cases, these people have worked for decades learning what they know and we believe they should be paid appropriately.
  • We permit one full scholarship for every ten registrations, at the discretion of the instructor. 
  • Once a visitor arrives at Post Peak Living via one of your links, we leave a cookie with their browser. Cookies are sometimes erroneously thought of as pieces of code that can harm a computer with a virus — this isn't true. A better way to think of cookies is like stickers or labels. Once a visitor's browser has a sticker on it that says they've discovered Post Peak Living through your site, we can properly credit your account for their registrations.

We have designed the Affiliate Program to do the maximum good it can for everyone involved. If you agree and would like to become an affiliate, please apply today.