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 Watch Version 3.0 of the Preparing for a Post Peak Life video to learn how high oil prices will fracture the financial system and impact your life. Released February 15, 2011.


Upcoming All-Online Courses and Events

* — Instructor-led; join the course in realtime via telephone and an Internet connection
** — Pre-recorded sessions; watch the session on your own time and participate in the online forum; course instructor participates in the private forum 

 PRN Radio Interview with Betsy RosenbergPlay on Demand
 Transitioning a Community Play on Demand
**UnCrash CourseApril 7, 2012 — Play on Demand


My talk at the Association for the Study of Peak Oil and Gas is now available. I discuss the oil story (in 8 minutes!) followed by the fate of 7 billion people and I examine the discourses that make it so difficult for people to hear this news.

An Evening with Matt Stein, author of our course textbook When Technology Fails,
is also available. We answer the question: why should people prepare?

The recording for the free event Cohousing and Friendship is now available

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As the world economy, saddled with debt and running low on resources, inevitably contracts, here at Post Peak Living we'll show you how to prepare for post-peak life. We offer courses and other resources that teach you the essential skills to support you to thrive.

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